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HM GP - Yamaha

£650.00 £1,000.00

Features at a glance:

• Power reintroduction strategy

• Adjustable Kill Time and Sensitivity for each gear and Rider/Shift Style.

• Programmable Shift Direction

• Advanced Data Logging

• Two programmable output types

• External Blipper Controller Output

• HM SS – Seamless Shift

• HM 24/7 Technical Support/Data Analysis

Prices start from £650 exc vat

HM GP Product Spec

HM GP Brochure

Product Description

This new system uses intensive and very advanced mathematics and digital signal processing (DSP) to identify when the actual dogs / gears have fully engaged. This nullifies the requirement for kill times and not only ensures the shortest possible kill times it also ensures the smoothest and safest gear change. This is because regardless of the conditions / load / RPM / gearbox characteristics, it detects when the next gear is actually engaged and then reapplies power. This is a massive step forwards in shifting technology and has made all other shifting products obsolete.


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